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President Obama's D.C. Rental Gets Upgrades (PHOTO GALLERY)


1215_obama_house_construction_launch_2President Obama‘s rental pad is getting fitted for massive upgrades.

Obama’s post-presidential crib in D.C. is getting what appears to be an enhanced security system. According to construction permits, obtained by TMZ, the work includes installation of fencing, utilities and a cat walk over an existing staircase.  

Someone on the construction team told us they’re upgrading the electrical system in the house to support the specific needs of the soon-to-be former first family.

And get this … looks like the Prez might be working out of the garage. According to the permit, the contractor will “temporarily convert one garage stall into an office with new bathroom.” That would be an astonishing step down from the Oval Office.

The $ 6 million property will be guarded by Secret Service, but it’s interesting that the house is right on the street. 


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